The Sushi Bar

For both our sushi and dinner menus, fresh fish is flown in multiple times a week guaranteeing a quality of seafood unexpected so far from the coast. Enjoy sushi artfully crafted by our seasoned chefs while sipping a wine from our fine Sake Library.

Japanese Standards

Edamame $8

Soy Beans in shell with sea salt

Vegetable Tempura $16

House selection of Vegetables coated in Tempura Batter and Deep Fried

Miso Soup $7

Calamari Salad $14

Cream Cheese & Crab Spring Roll $18

Deep Fried With Sweet Mango Chili Sauce

Shrimp Tempura $20

House selection of Vegetables and Jumbo Shrimp coated in Tempura Batter and Deep Fried

Seaweed Salad $12

Sashimi Salad $30

Top Quality Hand Selected Fish

Top Quality Hand Selected Fish

Nigiri & Sashimi

2 pieces of raw fish on rice

5 pieces of raw sliced fish No rice


Nigiri $8
Sashimi $16

Ahi Maguro

Nigiri $11
Sashimi $20

Sake Salmon

Nigiri $9
Sashimi $18


Nigiri $11
Sashimi $18


Nigiri $10
Sashimi $20


Nigiri $9
Sashimi $15


Nigiri $9
Sashimi $16

Quail Eggs $3 each

Seared Add-on $1

Soy or Rice Paper on Request $1

Sushi Rolls

Sushi Rolls

Hand Rolls available on Request 

Honolulu Roll $20

Dungeness Crab, Avocado, Mango, Tobikko, Cucumber Wrapped with Ahi Tuna

Rainbow Roll $20

California Roll wrapped with Tuna, Escolar and Salmon, topped with Tobikko

Masago $7

Salmon Roe, Rice, Seaweed

Caterpillar Maki $18

Eel, Masago, Cucumber, and Cream Cheese, Wrapped with Avocado

The Jimmy Walker $12

“It’s Dyno-mite!” Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado, Tobikko

Steakhouse Roll $12 $18

Teriyaki-Grilled Sirloin with Cucumber and Scallions $12 Wrapped in Filet Mignon $18

Philadelphia Roll $19

Salmon, Tobikko, Avocado and Cream Cheese, wrapped in Salmon

California Roll $10

Fresh Crabmeat, Cucumber and Avocado

Tekka Madness $12

Your choice of Spicy Tuna, Salmon or Escolar

Kappa Maki $6

Cucumber Roll

Lobster Roll $24

Lobster, Avocado, Cucumber, Masago and Wasabi, Tempura Fried

T & A Roll $12

Tuna and Avocado

Dragon Roll $18

Cucumber and Avocado Roll with Cream Cheese Wrapped with barbecued Eel

Spider Maki $14

Tempura Fried Softshell Crab, Cucumber, Avocado, Tobikko, Rice and Seaweed

Scallop Hand Roll $12

Scallops, Tobikko, Avocado, Cucumber, and Spicy Mayo, Wrapped in Nori Seaweed

Hamachi Scallion Roll $20

Chopped Hamachi, Cucumber and Scallions rolled in Nori and Rice, wrapped in Sashimi Sliced Hamachi

Lobster Volcano $27

California Roll, Smothered in a Spicy Cream Cheese Sauce and topped with Lobster Tempura and Crab Meat

Alaskan Maki $19

Salmon, Tobikko, and Avocado, wrapped in Salmon

Screaming Salmon Maki $12

Salmon mixed with Spicy Sauce, Shaved Scallion, Cucumber, Sesame

Walu Walu $20

Chopped Spicy Escolar, Fresh Peach and Cucumber rolled in Nori and Rice, topped with Seared Sashimi Escolar


Sushi Sampler $45

Chef’s Choice of 2 pieces each of 5 different Fish. Nigiri Style with Rice and your choice of a California or Tekka Roll

Sashimi Sampler $49

Chef’s Choice of 4 pieces each of 5 different Fish

You are at an increased risk of food-borne illness when consuming raw or undercooked animal proteins, particularly when pre-existing health conditions are present.

Japanese Beer

Sapporo $6

Hitachino Nest Belgian White $10

Asahi Black $6

Kirin Ichiban $6

Sake Library

Sake Glass Bottle Bin
Gekkeikan Haiku -Slightly dry with a light aroma of orchard apples $10 $29 S5
Sacred Power – JunmaiGinjosake.Delicious full-bodied NamaSake with a hint of a fruity aro-ma. Made with organic rice. N/A $74 S4
Rihaku “Dreamy Clouds” – Unfiltered sake $20 $64 S3
T y Ku Super Premium  – JunmaiGinjoRefined Smooth Flavor Profile with peach on the nose and a subtle hint of spice

underneath. Soft and Creamy with deep viscosity that coats the palate resulting in a long finish which ends crisp

$21 $65 S7
Tears of Dawn – Daiginjo sake which is Elegant and lightly sweet $25 $70 S8
Shimuzu no mai Pure Dusk – JunmaiDaiginjo sake begins with polishing away all but 45% of the rice grain leaving only the

finest components. This attention to detail coupled with soft, riverbed water produce a highly refined sake with a fragrant bouquet and complex flavor

$24 $69 S2
Shimuzu no mai Pure Dawn – JunmaiGingo sake which offers a full flavor profile that is clean and well structured. $20 $60 S6
Rock Cloud – Unfiltered N/A $33 S11
Rock Junmai N/A $35 S10

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